Composer and Music Producer  for Film, Television, Video Game and the advertising industry. Working with some of the best in the business, such as: Paul McCartney, Keith Emerson (E.L.P) John Illsley (Dire Straits), Frida (Abba), Cameo, Cutting Crew, Red Box, Daniel Lavoie, Kevin's music is used in numerous films, television, Video Games and advertising.


Kevin started out playing the piano at 7 years old, joined his first band at 16 and started his first tour of Germany at 17. After a long stint with the covers band Venus and Mars, touring most of Europe and some Middle East, he then based himself in Brighton, UK and started working as a keyboard session player while learning engineering at Ambiance Recording Studio, owned by Nigel Bates (programmer and technician extraordinaire). Later Kev teamed up with Colin Thurston of 'Duran Duran' fame to work on albums in Canada including 'Vue Sur La Mer' by the Celebrated French/Canadian artist Daniel Lavoie and later engineered Keith Emerson's (The Nice, Emerson, Lake & Palmer) 'The Christmas album'. Kev then played piano, Hammond and Fairlight CMI on John Illsley's (Dire Straits) first album 'Never Told A Soul" and later working on several projects with producer/engineer Phill Brown, who was the co producer and engineer of John’s album. Phill brought Kev in to become the arranger for Simon Toulson Clark's 'Red Box' (Lean on Me / For America). At this time Kevin also wrote the title track of Frida's (Abba) 'Shine' album with co-lyric writers Guy Fletcher and Jeremy Bird, before joining Carlin Production Music (now CPM) as a composer. In between albums Kevin started to work with a new pop production band '8-58' (releasing under the name of CRUSH in some territories). Kevin's material is now published with the new up and coming production music company SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC. Kev's music, which encompasses a wide spectrum of styles, has been up until now only available exclusively for the film, radio and television industry, but according to the grape vine will soon be available on itunes where music used for film productions like 'Strange Bedfellows', 'Intacto', '11,14', 'Leave Your Hands On My Hips', 'Ready When You are Mr. Gill', 'The Naughty Room' will be available for download.